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Twins separated at birth: Identifying pairs of polished diamonds with irradiation-related color from the same rough by fingerprinting using imaging and spectroscopy

  • A method of creating a unique data set for diamond is presented – a data fingerprint.

  • Based on the unique combination of growth structures and defects of every diamond

  • Characterization through imaging – including luminescence – and spectroscopy

  • Can be used to determine whether several diamonds originate from the same rough

  • May be used to prove that diamonds are of identical color origin

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Some of the most famous diamonds of historical significance display beautiful and rare colors such as pink, blue and green. Many have been recut one or more times, either in attempts to improve their appearances, or to disguise their provenance. Given the major advances in instrumentation for characterizing diamonds in the past two decades, we pose the question: can one devise a methodology to create an analytical fingerprint of a diamond to identify it even after recutting, or to identify two polished diamonds of unknown provenance as having been cut from the same rough or polished diamond? To determine if this is feasible, we carried out an in-depth study of two pairs of polished diamonds colored mainly by the GR1 absorption, one pair known to have been cut from the same rough crystal, and one pair of diamonds of unknown provenance for which it was possible to prove that they originated from the same piece of rough. The data obtained by a combination of absorption spectroscopy from the UV to the mid-infrared, photoluminescence spectroscopy with various lasers from the UV to the NIR and luminescence imaging with a range of excitations was found to establish, beyond any doubt, that each of the two diamond pairs shared a common progenitor.

Nevertheless, for each of the diamond pairs only one diamond was identified as naturally colored while for the other one the color origin was given as “undetermined” by a prominent gem testing laboratory. The methodologies described herein can prevent such inconsistencies regarding diamonds of previously unknown provenance; they show spectroscopically how and why the color of some natural color origin green diamonds is enhanced by polishing, especially when removing surface radiation “stains”; further, such methodologies will identify “diamond twins separated at birth”.

SuperYacht World

Feb 2015

Christie’s Sale of the Cullinan Dream, New York 2016

Christie’s announce for sale in New York Magnificent Jewels and The Cullinan Dream on Thursday, June 9. The sale is comprised of 260 lots, with estimates ranging from $4,000 to $23,000,000, including exceptional fancy colored and colorless diamonds, colored gemstones, natural pearls, and more. Further illuminating the sale are signed pieces from private collections and estates, including Buccellati, Bulgari, Cartier, David Webb, Graff, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels and more.



The sale is led by the Cullinan Dream, the largest Fancy Intense Blue Diamond offered at auction. The Cullinan Dream is the largest of four blue diamond’s cut from the extraordinary 122.52 carat rough discovered in 2014 at the legendary Cullinan mine. The mine is famous for yielding the 530.20 Cullinan I, which is the largest polished white diamond in existence and is part of the British Crown Jewels housed in the Tower of London. In recent years, the Cullinan mine has been associated with some of the most significant blue and pink diamonds to come to market. The Cullinan Dream is set with classic baguette-cut diamonds that frame this incredibly beautiful, rare, and historic diamond.

Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s International Head of Jewelry: “Selling the world record Oppenheimer Blue diamond for $57.5 million during our Geneva May 18 Magnificent Jewels sale was a great honor and we look forward to continuing this success with the Cullinan Dream, the largest Fancy Intense blue diamond to come to auction. The success of the Oppenheimer Blue speaks to the international demand and market value of these exemplary colored diamonds and with the Cullinan Dream, Christie’s is proud to present another opportunity for collectors to acquire a rare gem being offered for the first time at auction.”

Rapaport Magazine

Force One Magazine, June 21st 2018

Mayfair Times

28 March 2022

Every ultimate precision cut Cullinan Diamonds engagement ring comes with an option of a “Cullinan Diamond Report” the first to provide a unique signature, the DNA of every stone.

Mayfair Times

Every ultimate precision cut Cullinan Diamonds engagement ring comes with an option of a “Cullinan Diamond Report” the first to provide a unique signature, the DNA of every stone.

NCDIA – Natural Coloured Diamond Association

Mark Cullinan is a known personality in the diamond industry and has been involved with diamonds and jewelry, diamond mining and prospecting over 25 years.
As the great grandson of Sir Thomas Cullinan who discovered the Premier Mine in 1902, he continues the legacy of his family name. The mine is famous as the worlds’ major source of blue diamonds and some of the most historic diamonds recorded, including the Crown Jewels of England. Mark certainly has diamonds in his DNA. With the knowledge and exposure from his heritage, Mark has been intimately involved with natural color diamonds with his company Cullinan Diamonds.
Mark continues his journey through all aspects of the gem world as he is now producing his own Cullinan Diamond Report, in conjunction with Dr. Thomas Hainschwang of GGTL Laboratory, which is unique in its presentation and science.
Mark Cullinan is a strong advocate for natural color diamonds and his passion brings even greater strength to our community of successful traders.
Mark is a member of the Natural Coloured Diamond Association. Visit their website here: https://ncdia.com


Force One Magazine

22 Feb 2021

The Diamond Man – Mark Cullinan published in Force One Magazine, June 21st 2019. Mark Cullinan is a recognised personality in the natural diamond market – a profound connoisseur of these stones, their history, emotions, and also in the opportunity for investing


Force One Magazine, June 21st 2018




22 Feb 2021

In September 2019 Mark Cullinan was invited to speak to the GIA Alumni Chapters in Shanghai, Macau and Taipei.




Rapaport Magazine January 2021

22 Feb 2021

An interview with our CEO, Mark Cullinan – outlining The Cullinan Diamond Report in Rapaport Magazine.





Prospecting for Diamonds in South Africa

27 Jan 2020

An article by Mark Cullinan, published in the journal of the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong, September 2019 edition.


Private: PRESS: Times Live – “Cullinan Diamond Mine Turns Up a R379m Show-Stopper” 10 Jun 2016

10 Jun 2016

“Cullinan Diamond Mine Turns Up a R379m Show-Stopper”

10 Jun 2016

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