NCDIA – Natural Coloured Diamond Association

28 Mar 2022

Mark Cullinan is a known personality in the diamond industry and has been involved with diamonds and jewelry, diamond mining and prospecting over 25 years.
As the great grandson of Sir Thomas Cullinan who discovered the Premier Mine in 1902, he continues the legacy of his family name. The mine is famous as the worlds’ major source of blue diamonds and some of the most historic diamonds recorded, including the Crown Jewels of England. Mark certainly has diamonds in his DNA. With the knowledge and exposure from his heritage, Mark has been intimately involved with natural color diamonds with his company Cullinan Diamonds.
Mark continues his journey through all aspects of the gem world as he is now producing his own Cullinan Diamond Report, in conjunction with Dr. Thomas Hainschwang of GGTL Laboratory, which is unique in its presentation and science.
Mark Cullinan is a strong advocate for natural color diamonds and his passion brings even greater strength to our community of successful traders.
Mark is a member of the Natural Coloured Diamond Association. Visit their website here:

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