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Taken care of by the next generation

The Cullinan Diamond Mine* located in the town of Cullinan, South Africa was discovered by Sir Thomas Major Cullinan in 1902 and initially named the Premier Mine. The kimberlite pipe, at 34 Hectares, was larger than all the other Kimberley pipes discovered at that time put together. In the year 2002, the centenary year of the discovery of the Premier Mine by Sir Thomas Cullinan, the mine was renamed the Cullinan Mine.

The town of Cullinan was founded by Sir Thomas Cullinan to support the activities of the Premier Mine and many of the buildings, including the church and school, were built by Sir Thomas Cullinan.

The magnificent Cullinan Diamond, discovered in 1905, was presented to King Edward VII by the Transvaal Government in 1908 and was named in honour of Sir Thomas Cullinan. He was subsequently awarded a Knighthood in 1910 by King Edward VII of England and Great Britain.
*Disclaimer : Mark Cullinan, Cullinan Anstalt, and Cullinan  Diamonds are not affiliated with the Cullinan
Diamond Mine in Cullinan, South Africa and its current owners or operators.
If diamonds offered for sale by Cullinan Diamonds are sourced from the Cullinan Diamond Mine
or from Cullinan, South Africa, this will be specified.