The Adventure of Discovery

At Cullinan, we know diamonds because we have a history of discovering diamonds.



Good diamonds have been discovered, couriered, valued, cut and sold in much the same way for the past five hundred years.

Prospecting is still a game of discovering ancient, long dry rivers where loose stones may have gathered for example in ox bow bends in ancient paleo river systems.

We’ve been searching for diamonds for over three generations. Our CEO Mark Cullinan still heads out into the field himself – shading his eyes against the sun, assessing the geological terrain both with experience and the aid of his trusted and experienced geologist Baxter Brown, plotting the likely spot for a rich find.

Prospectors still use basic tools at the start of a find –panning and grease tables (diamonds stick to grease while other heavy minerals tumble over it and diamonds with a high specific gravity so tend to gather in the centre of the pan).

Along with those fairly ancient procedures, the expert eye is crucial for sorting diamonds on the sorting table and to detect their truly individual and soulful elements.

No machine can effectively recover 100% of all diamonds and so the human eye is indispensable, in addition to ensuring the security of operations – the sight of a rough diamond on the sorting table ranks among those truly “eureka” moments!


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