Introducing the Cullinan standard

The Cullinan Diamond Grading Standard is provided exclusively by Cullinan Diamonds in conjunction with GGTL Gem Laboratory, Liechtenstein.
GGTL is the pre-eminent diamond grading laboratory run by a world authority on diamonds, Dr Thomas Hainschwang, who has published over 45 peer reviewed journals and more than 70 journals and books. He is one of the most highly respected experts in the field of diamonds, pearls and gemstones.
In essence, the Cullinan Standard is a highly sophisticated and technically advanced state-of-the-art certification system that provides an unique identification of your diamond, which can be verified by both your Cullinan diamond report and the data held at the GGTL Gem Laboratory in Liechtenstein. The extensive data stored in the database for every diamond certified would permit the identification of the diamond even if it were to be re-cut.
As man-made diamonds become more prevalent and more difficult to distinguish from natural diamonds, the Cullinan Standard will provide the assurance that you actually own a genuine natural diamond.
The Cullinan Standard is applied to different qualities of natural diamonds, the highest of which, namely Royal Cullinan and Premier Cullinan meet only very particular criteria. These latter grading classifications and the Cullinan Standard will appeal in particular to owners of large, special and investment diamonds, as well as inherited diamonds and heirlooms which require very detailed identification and verification.
Should you wish to find out more about the Cullinan Standard, please feel free to contact us.