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• At CULLINAN  DIAMONDS™ we are sincerely driven and motivated to be supporting wider causes, and believe that the fruits of our efforts and a contribution from our profits should go to benefit others in need and deserving charities.

• In particular, we have identified Children’s charities as being the most important beneficiaries of our aid. Firstly, the future social fabric of society depends on the well being, stability and security of our children. Secondly, that the future of the planet, which at present is in a precarious state, will be in their hands as well as their responsibility.

• At CULLINAN  DIAMONDS™, we feel strongly that we should like the future to be in the hands of well balanced, socially adjusted and secure individuals and hence, we should like to see that as many children as possible enjoy this kind of a childhood.

• On purchase of anything in our store, you will be contributing 1% of the purchase price to a charity of your choice, which you can choose from our charities listed. We appreciate your purchase as much as our ability to make your corresponding donation to the charity of your choice.